Travel: What’s in my Bag 

When travelling whether it’s long or short haul there are some inflight essentials to make sure your journey is a little bit better. 

We all know dehydration is an issue when flying and so I like to bring some beauty products to help combat the signs of dehydration– apart from drinking lots of water of course Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour lip repair balm is perfect for keeping lips soft and supple- with this balm they will never dry out. 

Hand cream is also a must for me, my absolute favourite is l’occitance almond hand cream that’s stops dry hands in a second. 

Anti bacterial wipes are another must and I never go travelling without them. Planes can be grubby places and it’s easy to spill food and drink so these always come in handy.

Travel wallet: Aspinal of London. I love the bright turquoise of this and the sumptuously soft interior- perfect for keeping all important documents in one place for hassle free travelling. 

All my essentials are always wrapped up in a spacious tote bag- I end up taking lots of items in my hand luggage and a roomy bag helps minimise those panic moments when you can’t find something in your crammed hand luggage. 



Spring shoes 

Now that the weather is finally warming (if we ignore the rain showers) it’s time to put away the boots and socks and let your feet breath! Well that’s what I have decided anyway and I’m going to a start with some lovely new additions to my shoe collection. 

I have always had a lot of love for a silver shoe of any style and these flat pumps from Topshop are no different. This silver literally goes with anything and with a rubber sole they are suitable for all sort of activities and will easily take you from day to night. 

Plus they are a bargain: £18 Topshop 

Another bargain that look way more expensive than they actually are are these New Look beauties. The suede effect tan colour is very flattering and with a stylish black toe cap these slingbackswill be perfect for the office and look great with bare legs when it really does warm up.

£17.99 New Look


A little bit of sparkle: Pave diamonds 

We all know the saying diamonds are a girls best friend and diamonds come in many shapes and sizes. Which only makes them better. 

Pave diamonds offer an understated look, perfect for daytime yet with enough charm to still look trendy. 

Links of London do a lovely range in silver, rose gold and gold all centred around beautiful smooth lines and a delicate amount of sparkle. You have the option of round or oval design, as a bracelet, ring, necklace and earrings. 

My personal favourite is the oval design in the rose gold. 

Links of London 18kt rose gold vermeil and pave oval bracelet. £180  


Dubai: Sofitel The Palm Resort and Spa

Having just returned from a long weekend break in Dubai I am immediately longing to return. 

When your in 30 degree heat whilst it’s snowing at home and it only took 7 hours to get there with no sign of jet lag it’s a pretty good feeling. 

We stayed on the Palm at the Sofitel resort and spa so we could enjoy a quiet relaxing break lounging in the sun. The hotel was lovely, quiet, spacious rooms with a huge waterfall shower and the biggest bed I have ever seen. Dining options were a plenty and the food was good, typical Dubai prices though.

With a vast area of private beach to relax on, loungers, parasols and beach games were provided as well as multiple pools that were heated to the perfect temperature, there was enough to keep us happy.  

It did cloud over on a few occasions during our stay but the temperature remained high so it was still nice to be outside and not have to wear multiple layers.


The only problem we found was with the construction occurring in the area.  This was our second visit to Dubai and I thought it would have improved, but I was wrong. The traffic on the only road out of the palm to the city was horrendous which I have to say did ruin our plans somewhat. The hotel failed to notify anybody so we walked out to get a taxi for our evening reservations to be told there was at least a two hour delay. Not something you want at the best of times but when your only option of transport is a taxi on the meter it’s not going to happen. 

We did manage to venture out though and paid a visit to the famous Burj Al Arab, or the sail as it’s commonly referred to. This is a hotel on a whole other level. Luxurious to the max, we visited the sky view bar on the 27th floor with its views across the city. A huge cocktail menu with some of the best I have ever tasted and impeccable service but at a huge price. It’s an experience but an expensive one. 

           I will definitely be returning but perhaps waiting a little while in the hope some of the construction affecting the palm will have finished.

I do think this is one place that will never cease to develop any available space, let’s hope it doesn’t ruin the Dubai dream… 

The Cambridge Satchel Company 

I was recently gifted a Cambridge Satchel Company bag and I love it! I have a large push lock satchel that has been thoughtfully monogrammed with my initials and it really is a treat.

It is a tad small for a ‘large’ satchel but the design is flawless and it is the perfect casual bag. The extra touch of being able to add up to four characters in a variety of ways is a lovely feature- there is nothing like a touch of personalisation to make something feel really special.

These bags are handmade in England and come in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. There really is something for everyone! 

Price: £95 plus £7 per letter (max 4)

Swimwear: The One Piece 

Ive just started preparations for my next weekend break, the bikini will be back out for the first time since summer and so the body needs work. After indulging quite a lot of late the daily routine of crunches and lunges has begun and we are eating a lot more salads in my house…

So I have started the hunt for a new addition to my already oversubscribed bikini collection… I have an addiction  and its bikinis, the tinier the better…hence the crunches… 

 I genuinely love swimwear, summer is the best time of year in my eyes, frolicking on a beach and going for a swim is where I am at my happiest so why not make sure the swimwear matches the mood? 

This time of year is still quite tricky to find decent swimwear, winter ranges are starting to leave the shelves but the full swimwear set is not quite out yet, however, I have stumbled across something I’ve not worn since I was about 7… a swimming costume…

Swimming costumes are not necessarily my friend however I have found a super bright coral number from h&m that fits the stylish and sexy bill. Backless, high legged and a great colour, there’s no flashbacks to your childhood in this number. My husband isn’t totally convinced but most men would opt for the skin bareing bikini over a swimsuit, I on the other hand think it’s the perfect addition to my swimwear collection for when the teeny tiny bikini isn’t necessarily suitable… 


Coats to Covet

The winter coat- no longer just about keeping warm, the winter coat has the ability to transform any outfit into a stylish one. 

Depending on your lifestyle it’s more than possible you will need multiple winter coats. This year I have decided no more complaining about not having suitable outerwear and have shopped for all occasions. 

The knee length. 

This classic double breasted camel coat from Zara looks smart and is a style that will stand the test of time. This is a safe choice when shopping for a coat you want to last and to keep you warm when the temperature drops. Perfect for the office this is my go to smart choice. 

Zara £99

The ski.

Not just for hitting the slopes this coat will keep you covered in the harshest of conditions. They really have thought of everything when designing this coat, fleece lined, detachable fur, pockets galore, it’s waterproof and the stylish design will see you looking good on the slopes, après ski or walking the dog in the local woods. I feel the cold and it is super warm, there will be no complaining in this bad boy.   Sweaty Betty £360

The little black jacket.

A short black jacket is a wardrobe staple, much like the LBD. The wear with anything, throw a big bright scarf around your neck and off you go jacket always saves the day. This stylish tweed version will bring a touch of class to any outfit. 


Mango £79.99 

The short but stylish. 

A pastel coloured coat is always a statement and this high collar wrap design is sure to make heads turn. Deliciously soft and warm this coat is perfect for when you want to make an impression and not succumb to the elements. I picked this beauty up at an outlet store but Reiss still stock updated versions. I particularly like the baby pink one. 

Reiss £245

New year, new beauty buys 

With a new year often comes resolutions and whilst I tend not to be too specific I do find myself each year saying this is the year I will stick to a beauty regime, drink water, eat healthily, exersize lots etc etc and whilst most of them I am pretty good with- give or take a few hiccups the beauty part is where I tend to be quite flippant.

Now I have very sensitive skin and I am allergic to a few chemicals frequently used in lotions and potions so I have to be very careful with what I use and I find it is best if I do mix up my routine a bit so I have taken a look at a selection of products to kick start the new year with and these are my new favs. 

 Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream perfect amount of moisture to give my skin a glow before applying make up, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant for chapped lips,  Clinique Facial Soap gives a refreshing cleanse in the morning, Lucas Paw Paw  great for on the spot problems and Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Oil as skin still needs to be loved in the winter. 

Boots Boots Boots 

We may have a slightly delayed winter in temperature terms but with all this rain a good boot is a must. 

I have fallen in love with a few pairs of late, unfortunately most of which are suede and not suitable for the rain but when it does stop they are a sure fire way to smarten up the most casual of outfits.

The Sock Boot

Topshop £79 
I’m a big fan of ankle boots and skirts/ dress combo but I have skinny ankles which means this is not a good look- usually – but finally I have found a boot that fits snugly around my ankle that can be worn with jeans, tights or bare legs and doesn’t look like I have borrowed someone else’s ‘too big for me’ boots. 


The Knee Boot

UGG £195 
Another one of my struggles is finding a knee boot that fits all the way up but alas it is a struggle no more! These beauties from ugg come with elastic on the back, suede on the front and are sheepskin lined (they are ugg after all) for ultimate comfort and style. 

The Trusty Ankle Boot

Dune £69   
These boots from Dune are super smart. Suede, gold zips and just the right amount of heel make them a comfy choice for the office and when your out and about. 


Misdemeanour #3

This is more a common occurrence than a specific misdemeanour nowadays.

Or maybe the little monster is in training for a new job, to be the new Andrex puppy… Yep toilet roll is the feature of this story and Finns desire to get into the bathroom when we aren’t around and unravel the entire roll. Then when we find the mess he has created he proceeds to jump all over it and protect it so we can’t clear it up!

Unfortunately with this one he looks so cute rolling around in all the loo roll it’s hard to be mad. But then again it is a terrible waste, if only he really was sponsored by Andrex…

Note to self, never leave the bathroom door open…