Misdemeanour #3

This is more a common occurrence than a specific misdemeanour nowadays.

Or maybe the little monster is in training for a new job, to be the new Andrex puppy… Yep toilet roll is the feature of this story and Finns desire to get into the bathroom when we aren’t around and unravel the entire roll. Then when we find the mess he has created he proceeds to jump all over it and protect it so we can’t clear it up!

Unfortunately with this one he looks so cute rolling around in all the loo roll it’s hard to be mad. But then again it is a terrible waste, if only he really was sponsored by Andrex…

Note to self, never leave the bathroom door open… 


Misdemeanour #2

I love shoes, I truly believe a girl can never have too many, (like bags, lipstick, nail polish, jewellery) Finn however thinks differently…something he perhaps learnt from my husband… 

Or maybe not, maybe it was his love for shoes that drove him to undertake misdemeanour number two. 

I recently purchased a pair of gold topshop sandles that are the perfect party shoe, super high, barely there and great value for money. 

I came home from work to find said shoes in Finns bed… chewed. It seems his aim was to bite all of the gold off the heel. Tiny teeth marks everywhere, shoes now ruined. 

Maybe he mistook them for one of his chewey bones, they are quite similar I suppose. Or maybe he is the naughty dog deep down we all know he is but due to his immense cuteness think of a multiple of excuses for his ‘cheeky behaviour’. 

I have no idea how he managed to get hold of them and get them out the box and into his bed but he did and now they are no more.

From now on all shoes must stay out of pups reach. Maybe another visit to topshop is due… 


Misdemeanour #1

#1Stealing Sweets

Finny is my 9 month old French bulldog. He has always had a mischievous streak- when he was a wee puppy he got up to all sorts but we thought he was finally mellowing. We thought wrong.

I am a true sweet lover, sweets are one of my many vices and i always have a bowl or jar of sweeties around the house. We happened to have some leftover raspberry bonbons from our wedding so a large glass bowl was placed on the dining room table as a new centerpiece.

Finny being a frenchie and a young one at that is a relatively small dog, dining tables are way out of reach for such a pup so this was deemed a relatively safe place to leave them and not an unusual act.

Somehow this tiny little piggy managed to climb onto the table and eat the entire bowl of bonbons, blue slime was found all over the table and my laptop.  An entire bowl- gone. He loves his food but this was a new low even for him.

Sweets may longer be a part of my household…..