Project House: Room 1 The Kitchen

The husband and I moved in to a lovely Victorian semi last winter and have slowly started to work on restoring it to its forming glory/ bringing it into the 21st century. 

The first room change and what we deemed the most important upon moving  in was the kitchen. It was very beige and bland with some scary looking appliances and we desperately wanted a bright, clean modern kitchen. 

We knew we wanted pale colours for the cupboards and very quickly decided on a pale grey. The worktop took slightly more  discussing, but in the end we went for a lovely solid wood walnut worktop. I was slightly apprehensive about a solid wood worktop but it’s beautiful and let’s face it if you tried hard enough you could ruin any worktop. 

I have added a couple of marble worktop savers from sainsburys that can stay out all the time for safe cooking zones! 

We did all the work ourselves well withhelp from family and a couple of pressionals to help with the specialist tasks but it took us a long time and it’s not quite complete yet. We still have the finishing touches to add like blindes etc but we are so happy to have a working kitchen again! 

It is so nice to have a decent oven and hob that we can actually cook with! The old appliances were less than desirable and not easy to use, now we have a delightful induction job and oven from neff @ John Lewis. They are so sleek and smart we absolutely love them and are a dream to use.

Now on to all the pretty bits to brighten the room and make it feel like ours. 


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