Beach Days: West Wittering

It’s a rarity that we have a bank holiday weekend in the UK and glorious weather but that is exactly what happened this weekend. The sun was well and truly shining and what better way to spend the day than on the coast.

We knew it was likely to be heaving but we have been so busy of late with weddings and holidays and renovating our house we thought this is the only option for a quiet day of doing nothing. So it was decided we would get up early and make the trip down to West Wittering in West Sussex. 

We have a lovely little dog who we like to take with us on as many adventures as possible and as he has never been to the beach before this trip was all about him. 

The Wittering’s are very dog friendly- they can’t go on the whole beach between May and September- the main section in front of the beach huts is off limits but it is plenty large enough for them to frolick away from this area- and truth be told much better as the rest of the beach in front of the sand dunes was lovely and quiet even on the busiest of days. 

The Wittering’s are around an hour and half’s a drive from London and it’s a relatively easy drive. Parking is plentiful- there is a big expanse of grass to park on which is pay and display- £8 in summer I believe it’s £6 in low season so make sure you have cash. The area is well catered for with toilets and a cafe selling ice cream, the obligatory fish and chips and any other refreshments you might need.

You can bring BBQs and all the catering you desire with many people setting up camp on the grass in the car park before making way to the beach. 

The water was very calm and shallow- perfect for dogs to paddle in and the wide expanse of beach means mans best friend can really let loose. 

The glorious soft white sand in the dunes was a lovely secluded spot to sit and let the pup calm down after the excitement of playing with so many dogs and experiencing the sea for the first time- he ran in after a big lab chasing a ball and got quite a shock when just his head was out of the water. 

For me this is the perfect dog walking spot before the crowds arrive- and probably even better out of season. 


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