The only thing I knew about Copenhagen before visiting was it’s a good place to visit for a foodie trip- and that it was but there is so much more to this Danish city than just good food.

Ok so it’s very small, and yes there aren’t that many sights to see but it’s just so calm and quiet and nice! One thing they are very proud of is Hans Cristian Anderson. He appears a lot in Copenhagen from the very tiny statue of the little mermaid and subsequent replicas everywhere to the places he lived, and many streets bearing his name.  Carlsberg is another as well as the best cinnamon pastry I have ever eaten- ever- it was huge and delicious! 

Yes I did say there is more to Copenhagen than just food but it’s so good! 

Paper island or papiron is a street food market on the harbour- an old warehouse full of different street food stalls. The food is delicious and it has such a nice chilled out atmosphere. You can get an array of food from pulled duck to vegan burgers and beer and coffee. We went at night and it was the perfect spot for an authentic, relaxed dinner. 

There are sites to see- most of which offer views of this small town and are free so you can have a good look around. 

The harbour is a main feature of Copenhagen and it’s beautiful. Lined with bars and restaurants to enjoy a cold beer in the sun. 

Shopping is great, they everything from small Independents to high street labels and luxury brands. As you would expect there were lots of home interior shops with lots of lovely prints and pottery in the typical Danish style.

One of the man attractions has got to be the tivoli gardens amusement park. We went just out of season by a matter days so the gardens were still closed,  but it would definitely be on my must do list for a return trip. 

It is expensive, everything in Copenhagen is expensive but as you would expect so come prepared but this relaxed charming city is definitely worth a visit. 


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