Disneyland Paris 

If there is one thing that’s certain in life it’s that you are never too old for Disneyland. It is one of those places that no matter who you go with you are sure to have a fun time. 

I recently paid a visit to Disneyland Paris with my husband, a first timer and not a particularly big Disney fan and we had a great time!

We had loads of fun, there are plenty of rides that appeal to adults- only thing worth noting is that both times I have been there have been multiple rides closed for renovations which was very disappointing as this did reduce the amount of rides geared towards our age range. If you happen to be lucky enough to go when everything is open there is plenty for a full day!

The train from central Paris is super easy, it took about 45 mins from the Champs-Élysées and the station is right outside the gates to the parks. 

Make sure you get access to both parks,  Disneyland and Warner Bros Studios which did give a wider selection of things to do suited to our requirements. 

There are plenty of options for food and drink throughout both parks, prices are what you would expect from a theme park and consists mainly of the expected fast food but you won’t go hungry. Maybe bring a Oakes lunch if your fussy, or on a budget.

If you have young children then this place is a dream, it’s immaculately presented with a Disney character parade throughout the day and tonnes of rides for children to enjoy.

This is definitely worth a visit next time a trip to Paris is on the cards. 

Prices start from £36 for an adult ticket to both parks. 




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