Travel: What’s in my Bag 

When travelling whether it’s long or short haul there are some inflight essentials to make sure your journey is a little bit better. 

We all know dehydration is an issue when flying and so I like to bring some beauty products to help combat the signs of dehydration– apart from drinking lots of water of course Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour lip repair balm is perfect for keeping lips soft and supple- with this balm they will never dry out. 

Hand cream is also a must for me, my absolute favourite is l’occitance almond hand cream that’s stops dry hands in a second. 

Anti bacterial wipes are another must and I never go travelling without them. Planes can be grubby places and it’s easy to spill food and drink so these always come in handy.

Travel wallet: Aspinal of London. I love the bright turquoise of this and the sumptuously soft interior- perfect for keeping all important documents in one place for hassle free travelling. 

All my essentials are always wrapped up in a spacious tote bag- I end up taking lots of items in my hand luggage and a roomy bag helps minimise those panic moments when you can’t find something in your crammed hand luggage. 



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