Swimwear: The One Piece 

Ive just started preparations for my next weekend break, the bikini will be back out for the first time since summer and so the body needs work. After indulging quite a lot of late the daily routine of crunches and lunges has begun and we are eating a lot more salads in my house…

So I have started the hunt for a new addition to my already oversubscribed bikini collection… I have an addiction  and its bikinis, the tinier the better…hence the crunches… 

 I genuinely love swimwear, summer is the best time of year in my eyes, frolicking on a beach and going for a swim is where I am at my happiest so why not make sure the swimwear matches the mood? 

This time of year is still quite tricky to find decent swimwear, winter ranges are starting to leave the shelves but the full swimwear set is not quite out yet, however, I have stumbled across something I’ve not worn since I was about 7… a swimming costume…

Swimming costumes are not necessarily my friend however I have found a super bright coral number from h&m that fits the stylish and sexy bill. Backless, high legged and a great colour, there’s no flashbacks to your childhood in this number. My husband isn’t totally convinced but most men would opt for the skin bareing bikini over a swimsuit, I on the other hand think it’s the perfect addition to my swimwear collection for when the teeny tiny bikini isn’t necessarily suitable… 



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