I have a love hate relationship with waxing. I love the results, hate the thought of it. 

There is nothing worse than having to put up with unwanted hair whilst waiting for your next appointment but silky soft fuzz free skin for a few weeks is well worth it. Hair grows back slower and much thinner with waxing so over time it gets easier and easier- if you stick with it. 

If your already an advocate of waxing the next decision is hot wax or strip wax. I have super sensitive skin and often get bruised or end up with a red rash for the first day after a wax but never with hot wax. It’s more expensive than strip and takes longer but the results are way better and it’s not nearly as painful. 

My beautician’s use Lycon hot wax which can remove hairs as short as 1mm- saving time during that horrid grow back stage although for best results between 5-10mm is recommended. 

The pink wax is spread over the hair and you then have to wait for the wax to set and go hard. A quick flick and then off it comes in one quick pull. No need to keep going over the same patch. 

Beauticians must be specially trained to use hot wax but once you find an awesome beauty therapist you won’t look back. 


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