Dragon’s Blood Eye Mask

With the arrival of winter comes the arrival of dull lacklustre skin brought on by the cold weather and central heating. 

Our eyes are the windows to our soul and can make a huge difference to our general appearance. 

Lack of sleep, lack of water and the elements can make my eyes and skin look less than sparkly. 

I picked up some  Rodial Dragon’s Blood eye masks that say they will hydrate and tone the eye area. Winner, if they are any good. 


You peel off the eye masks and place on the under eye area. They are quite large masks and I struggled to get them in place on my face- they didn’t seem to fit properly. Once in place the instructions said to leave on for 20-30 minutes…then remove and rub any residue into skin. 

They certainly do hydrate, and my cheekbones feel tighter due to them slipping down my face. Not sure I can notice a difference visually in my eye area though which is what I was hoping for.

I think they deserve another shot before I disregard them completely but currently jury’s out on this one. 


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