It’s a rare site for me not to have my nails painted. I’m totally addicted to buying nail polish and there’s nothing better than a nice shiny nail to brighten up your outfit. 

I used to think that having the same nail colour on for at least two weeks would be very dull and was not particularly drawn to the idea of a gel manicure but since my wedding day when super nice nails are a must I have been converted. 

I am a bit clumsy and also like to get hands on with things so I am forever breaking my nails and chipping my usual polish. With shellac my nails are so much stronger and I actually manage to grow them to a nice lady like length (before I start scratching my eyes putting contacts in). 

Shellac offers super shiny colour for a flawless finish. My nails grow fast so I like to get them re done every two weeks but for perfect nails every time it’s great.  




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