It’s a rare site for me not to have my nails painted. I’m totally addicted to buying nail polish and there’s nothing better than a nice shiny nail to brighten up your outfit. 

I used to think that having the same nail colour on for at least two weeks would be very dull and was not particularly drawn to the idea of a gel manicure but since my wedding day when super nice nails are a must I have been converted. 

I am a bit clumsy and also like to get hands on with things so I am forever breaking my nails and chipping my usual polish. With shellac my nails are so much stronger and I actually manage to grow them to a nice lady like length (before I start scratching my eyes putting contacts in). 

Shellac offers super shiny colour for a flawless finish. My nails grow fast so I like to get them re done every two weeks but for perfect nails every time it’s great.  




The Villa- Grace Santorini

We were fortunate enough to be able to stay in The Villa at Grace Santorini whilst enjoying our honeymoon and it was an experience we will never forget.

Never mind the totally amazing views that greet you from every angle The Villa is pure unadulterated luxury. The outside area is split into two levels with a pool, loungers, soft seating areas, fire and unobstructed views of the caldera. The upstairs level is where you access the villa, there is a separate second suite, kitchen, main suite, and two outside dining areas and seating, one under cover one in the glorious Greek sunshine. 

There is a huge shower room, an indoor jacuzzi, steam room and massage room. If rest and relaxation is what you are looking for this is the place for you. 

The amazingly talented chef will cook you up whatever your in the mood for and it can be delivered to the villa via a  secret door in the kitchen and laid out  for you to enjoy. 

We had a truley magical time here and I cannot wait to return… Better start saving….